Frequently Asked Questions

Q) Who can benefit from QUANTUM GRIP?
A) QUANTUM GRIP helps golfers who have decreased grip strength for any reason, including problems due to arthritis or natural aging, hand, wrist or elbow injuries, stroke or spinal cord injury, as well as one-handed golfers or amputee golfers. Golfers of all skill levels benefit when using QUANTUM GRIP as a training aide.

Q) Is there more than one type of QUANTUM GRIP?
A) QUANTUM GRIP golf club grips come in two styles. One style has a recessed groove, in a spiral fashion that houses the Velcro-type material only on the upper half of the grip. This style is most often used by one-handed golfers, those who use the QUANTUM GRIP golf glove on the lead hand only, and is also used for training.

The second style has a recessed groove in a spiral fashion along the entire length of the grip. Golfers with arthritis or those having gripping difficulties in both hands use this style. This style is very popular for training purposes.

Q) How are QUANTUM GRIPS sold?
A) QUANTUM GRIP golf club grips are sold individually, in systems, or in sets of 7 or 13 (see Order Page for pricing details). Please NOTE: this product is intended to be sold as a system; the grip does not work without the glove, and visa versa. Orders of more than 10 grips receive an additional discount. Individual grips are most often used for training purposes, during demonstrations or events such as Operation Comfort (returning wounded warriors). QUANTUM GRIP golf gloves are also available individually or in pairs, in XS, small, medium, large, and XL sizes. Please check our website from time to time for upcoming new designs and fashion gloves!

Q) Can I buy a QUANTUM grip or glove individually?
A) Sure, but QUANTUM GRIP was designed to be used as a system. Without the glove, your hand will not stick to the club. Without the grip, you’ll just have a nice golf glove. For best results please order QUANTUM GRIP as a system.

Q) How is QUANTUM GRIP used as a training aide?
A) Golf instructors use QUANTUM GRIP to teach a consistently repeatable hand position when gripping the club, thus successfully addressing the most fundamental aspect of golf, the grip. Golfers develop “muscle memory” very quickly.

QUANTUM GRIP also helps golfers learn to ease up on their grip force, thus freeing up tightened muscles throughout the body, allowing a more free swing. The result being longer drives, more control, and straighter, truer shots with any club.

QUANTUM GRIP helps golfers generate significantly more club head speed as they learn to create more wrist angle on the down-swing.

Q) Can I install the grips on my clubs myself?
A) We recommended QUANTUM GRIP golf club grips be professionally installed by a club-fitter or technician. However, golfers with the proper installation equipment can install the grips as they would any golf club grip. Installation instructions are supplied with each order.

Q) How often do I need to replace the QUANTUM GRIP golf club grips, or the Velcro-type material inside the groove?
A) QUANTUM GRIP golf club grips, made in the U.S.A., are very durable and will perform like new for many years under normal conditions. The top quality Velcro-type material has a very long life cycle, and will withstand thousands of pulls. If needed, the hook Velcro-type within the spiral recess of the grip can be replaced separately in most cases.

Q) How often will I need to replace the QUANTUM GRIP golf glove?
A) The QUANTUM GRIP golf glove is crafted with quality “Velcro”-type loop material. Under normal conditions golfers will not need to replace the glove any more often than they would a typical quality golf glove.

Q) Will the Velcro-type material attract debris?
A) The Velcro-type material will indeed become contaminated if dropped in areas of debris or underbrush. However, unless severely contaminated, this will not hinder the effectiveness of the gripping aide, and most debris is easily removed by hand or using a small wire brush or toothbrush. QUANTUM GRIP golf club grip covers will soon be available at a low cost to protect the grip from picking up debris when not in use. The thin protective grip covers are easily applied over the grip, and the club will fit as usual in the golf bag. Please see product order page for availability and pricing.

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