Golf Professionals and Golf Courses Can Increase Business with the QUANTUM GRIP System

Teaching Pros and golf course managers interested in brand development and ways to increase lesson, pro shop and green fee revenue will appreciate the opportunities that the Quantum Grip system provides, both as a swing trainer for beginners (click New Golfer) and intermediates (click Experienced Golfers), and as a grip-strength enhancement tool.

We all know former golfers who don’t play anymore due to grip weakness brought on by arthritis, stroke, neurological injury or other disability. You now have a reason to call former customers and invite them out to a demonstration of the Quantum Grip system which, for many, will provide the means for getting back on the course. You, in turn, will be able to promote your golf training expertise to the community and become known as a Disabled-Golfer-Friendly Golf Course destination.

QUANTUM GRIP can help!

Our Marketing Team can help you:

  • Develop a plan to expand your exposure in your community and recapture former players.
  • Plan a QUANTUM GRIP demo-day at your course or local driving range.
  • Learn how to create a QUANTUM GRIP display for your golf shop.
  • Reach out to local charities and therapists who can refer golfers who could benefit from QUANTUM GRIP technology.

Contact Us for more information on how other Golf Professionals are working with us.

Quantum Grip Products

Here is what people are saying about how QUANTUM GRIP helps golfers!

“Quantum Grip products are high quality and very effective grip aids. After rigorous testing, we have approved Quantum Grip for inclusion in the PING Adaptive Fitting Program. Quantum Grip is PING-tested and approved.”

PING GolfDr. Paul Wood, Director of Innovation; Sean Pollack, Product Planning Manager, Fitting Operations

The Quantum Grip is an innovative idea that will likely revolutionize the golf industry and more importantly, provide life-changing experience for thousands of people who will gain back freedom they once thought was lost forever.

Matthew WildChief Executive OfficerSan Luis Obispo, CASan Luis Sports Therapy / Athlon Health & Fitness / Movement for Life

When I first hit a golf ball with Quantum Grip, I said, ‘Oh my gosh, I can finally feel what they call ‘the lag’ in the swing’. I can maintain my wrist angle on the downswing and get much more club head speed. I can actually relax my wrists for the first time, rotate my body through and not worry about my wrists. This will revolutionize teaching, as well as bringing many older players back to the game of golf!

Jim DeLaby IIIPGA ProNipomo, CASCPGA Northern Chapter

My first impression… this is really ingenious! It will help a lot of golfers to enjoy playing the game.

Mike ValdezPGA ProSanta Maria, CASanta Maria Country Club

Quantum Grip is ideal for my patients who suffer from arthritis, general hand weakness or limited range of motion but want to remain active. It greatly reduces stress and strain during activities that require gripping such as golfing. Its vast applications make this the perfect assistive device.

David Montalvo, OTR/L, PTAHand Therapy Rehabilitation Specialist

I have treated many patients with golfer’s elbow over the years and think this product could save a lot of players unnecessary pain and avoid having to give up one of their favorite pursuits.

Michael P. SmithDirector of Hand TherapySan Luis Sports Therapy & Orthopedic Rehabilitation

As a club-fitter/builder, this invention fills a void I’ve been trying to fill for over 30 years. The Quantum Grip is IT when it comes to players that have arthritis, or disabilities that cause weakness or pain while gripping a golf club. It’s also a great training aid for ALL players!

Dave SchimandleOwnerNipomo, CASLICKSTIX

You have a great product that can improve the lives of many people. Not many golf products can say that!

Richard MasseySan Luis Obispo, CAThe Golf Agency

This is the best golf product I’ve ever seen. This product not only improves golfers’ games, but it improves their lives!

Billy Gibbs, PGA ProCo-Host ESPN Golf Talk RadioAvila Beach, CAAvila Beach Golf Resort - Director of Instruction

I just wanted to thank you for designing such a high quality product. I have been searching a long time for a way to help me connect to the golf club. Due to an accident resulting in a spinal cord injury, I have no use of my right hand, zero grip. When we talked you were honest and didn’t know if your grip would work for me as I could not close my hand.

I tried many different gripping aids but have never been able get anything to really help. Your product definitely helped me. I still can not close my hand and grip the club, but I now have enough attachment to engage my right side. The net result was now I can drive the ball 230 yds plus, an increase of over 40 yds. I can only imagine how much your product will help someone with only limited grip.

M. FlynnOregon City, OR

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