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The Quantum Grip Story and Giving Back

QUANTUM GRIP grew out of one man’s desire to play golf. . . again.


Patrick Pinkart, inventor and owner, grew up in a small town in Northeast Wisconsin. Much to his delight throughout the teen years, he lived directly across the street from the Legion Municipal Golf Course. Weather permitting, those cherished long days of summer and fall were often spent playing golf from sunup ’til sundown.
When he was 25 years old, a “bad dive” from a pier left him with a broken neck and spinal cord injury. Three neck vertebrae were fractured, including a “burst fracture” of the 6th cervical vertebra. His doctors gave him a five percent chance of walking or using his hands again.
After years of intensive therapy and dedication, Patrick regained the ability to walk. Leg strength, balance and agility challenges remained. He was also left with limited hand strength and hand function.
In 1994, graduated from San Jose State University with a Bachelor of Science degree in Occupational Therapy, Patrick was ready to try to play golf again. His balance, while not great, was good enough, and his arms and shoulders could swing the club well enough; his grip strength, however, was not sufficient to hold the club firmly. Although an accomplished golfer in his youth and very happy to be out on the golf course at all, it was nevertheless frustrating that the club would very often twist or slip in his hands.
An exhaustive search for devices to enhance grip strength turned up nothing of any real, practical help. Patrick began experimenting with different ways of holding the club securely: enlarged grips, soft grips, tacky grips, training grips with raised and contoured areas. The only thing that really worked was applying Velcro on a grip and a golf glove. It worked well enough for Patrick to enjoy golfing again.
As an Occupational Therapist, Patrick recognized that a need existed for his system; one that it could help the arthritic, the geriatric, the stroke victim, the brain injury patient, those with hand injuries, and amputees. Over the years, Patrick refined his system with various combinations of material on the grip and glove. The two problems continually encountered were: the Velcro would frequently snag or peel off the grip/glove, and the mating Velcro on the glove was only tolerably comfortable.
Patrick’s friends and family encouraged him to look into having his system patented and professionally manufactured. In 2005, he began patent searches, patent writing and filing processes, and started engineering and building a built-in, recessed groove to house the hook Velcro material, smooth and flush with the gripping surface, and a golf glove with the mating loop Velcro material constructed into the palm.
In 2009, 15 years after his project began, Patrick received a US Patent for the Quantum Grip technology. Soon after, a continuation patent was awarded covering use of the system in all other areas and applications.
Patrick’s invention, QUANTUM GRIP, is now available to all golfers: every age, every level of aspiration, and all manner of physical and athletic ability. Patrick participates in golf clinics for wounded warriors from Iraq and Afghanistan, and for stroke victims through the Saving Strokes program of the United Heart Association. Many golf professionals and instructors have enthusiastically endorsed it. Every golfer who tries QUANTUM GRIP immediately appreciates the system because it’s so effective and so beneficial.
Golf has served as a rehabilitation for Patrick and lifted his spirit and quality of life. His goal, in bringing awareness of QUANTUM GRIP to golfers who need help playing golf: the disabled, those who have stopped playing due to injury or gripping problems, is to get as many people as possible back onto the course.
Thank you for reading the QUANTUM GRIP story. We believe that QUANTUM GRIP puts “Possibilities in the Palm of Your Hands.” Once in your hands, QUANTUM GRIP will speak for itself.
Enjoy this great game called Golf!

Charitable Outreach

QUANTUM GRIP is committed to increasing the “Possibilities in the Palm of Your Hand”. We support organizations, and charities that assist golfers who suffer with arthritis, hand weakness, hand injuries, brain injury or who are amputees. We are always looking to expand our outreach to charitable organizations. If you have a recommendation please contact us; info@quantumgrip.com
If your organization would like information on establishing a program for your area, or if you are interested in purchasing products for your charity, please email us at info@quantumgrip.com
The Quantum Grip is an innovative idea that will likely revolutionize the golf industry and more importantly, provide life-changing experience for thousands of people who will gain back freedom they once thought was lost forever.
Matthew Wild, Chief Executive Officer San Luis Obispo, CA., San Luis Sports Therapy / Athlon Health & Fitness / Movement for Life