Grip Tech

Advanced technology giving you an advantage on the course.

Features not to be overlooked.

Quantum Grip utilizes the very simple, yet extremely effective technology of  hook-and-loop material, to provide users a reliable, non-slip grasp every time.This patented system looks and functions virtually the same as any typical golf glove and grip configuration, except for special modifications to the golf grip and glove that ensure a secure grip and correct hand position.
The visually discreet modifications are effective for golfers who are grip-strength challenged, or for any golfer in training. No straps, wraps or gadgets are involved. Little to no grip effort is required to hold and swing the golf club effectively. Quantum Grip equipment enables the golfer to hold the club securely and swing normally with maximum comfort and confidence.
Patented Product, US 7,530,898 B2 and 8,192,296 B2